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11 Fashion And Beauty Blogs By And For Stylish Post 50s Midlife can pose unique fashion dilemmas -- especially when skirt hemlines hit 21 inches, low-rise jeans abound and orange is the hot hue. (It reminds us of the line in the film "Legally Blond" when Reese Witherspoon's character Elle Woods meets with a client wearing a prison jumpsuit: "You look so . orange." Really, does anyone look good in orange?) Never fear -- post 50 men and women in search of a little fashion inspiration should look no further than their computers -- the blogosphere offers a solid sampling of fashion over 50 bloggers who are chronicling their adventures in shopping and self-expression for the rest of us. From former Lucky editor Kim France's ode to shopping and pop culture, Girls of a Certain Age, to the Grey Fox and his chronicling of bold looks for the "generally smartly dressed and stylish, but not necessarily conventionally good-looking" older man, we've rounded up 11 of our favorite fashion over 50 blogs. Please add yours in the comments! Chic At Any Age"I started this blog in 2009 as I see no reason why we should not continue to enjoy fashion whatever age we are," writes Josephine of Chic at Any Age. She hopes her blog will be "a useful resource on what works from underwear to special occasion dressing for more mature women." Mis PapelicosMis Papelicos is all about Sacramento, an English professor and a nutrition and diet expert in Andalucía, Spain (hence the bilingual captions). Her bi-weekly posts feature the funky and elegant ensembles she puts together, as well as other images that inspire her style. Grey FoxGrey Fox adds a male perspective to the post 50 fashion and style blog community. The site is dedicated to "a man's search for style in middle age." Recent posts include tips on "[keeping] the costs of style in control" and a roundup of stylish bald "grey foxes" in popular culture. Style CroneDon't be deterred by the name -- Style Crone is a blog "dedicated to the older woman, in her most creative, outrageous, authentic, powerful, adventurous, funny, and proud era." Far from a crone, Judith writes, "choosing my outfits, which always included a hat, was a way to express myself creatively and as a form of meditation as I approached my day." Along with snapping pics of her outfits for her blog, she also owns a hat shop, sells vintage clothing and designs hats for chemotherapy patients. Une Femme D'Un Certain AgeUne Femme D'Un Certain Age is a blog focused on "living a stylish, adventurous, balanced [and] delicious life after 50" -- with a francophile twist. Recent posts include a review of flattering skinny jeans for post 50s by Not Your Daughter's Jeans, and a reflection on being "the boss of what our age means" style-wise (spoiler: Une Femme believes it's important not to confuse trying to pretend you're 25 with looking "current"). Flattering 50Blogger Susan documents her quest to find fashion post 50 in Flattering 50. "I'm doing my thinking publicly in my blog . in the hopes that others might join in the conversation," she writes. With posts such as "Top 10 Dress Styles for Women Over 50" and "Swimsuits over 50: Where to Shop," it's hard not to chime in. Walking Colors"Hip past 50 doesn't have to refer to surgery," blogger Joni quips on her blog, Walking Colors. Though pressured by society to recede gracefully, I prefer to burst out with a love of fashion and style. We are not dead yet, so let's enjoy every sandwich and gild the lilies." That pretty much sums up the aim of Patti's Not Dead Yet Style. Her blog also features a weekly "Visible Monday," where readers are invited to share an image of themselves sporting an "outfit, accessory, piece of jewelry, cosmetic or other adornment" that makes them feel alive and confident. Fashion After 50Fashion After 50 features fashion advice by category (bohemian, travel clothes, fabrics you love), a "fashion archetype quiz," dos and don'ts for fashion after 50 and opportunities to buy some of the blog's featured items. Idiosyncratic Fashionistas"'Growing old gracefully' is an outdated concept. We prefer 'growing old with verve.' This blog documents our efforts to live up to that motto, in photos and essays," the Idiosyncratic Fashionistas write. Sample post: an ode to fashion journalist and muse Anna Piaggi, who recently passed away at the age of 81, featuring photos of some of her memorable ensembles.

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Only a mug could love it Since the day Archer allegedly walked all the way from Nowra to the winning post at Flemington, our Cup has produced extraordinary stories of Australian culture: equine and otherwise. Framed by brightly coloured silks and flowers as they canter back to the enclosure, horse and rider salute the masses and carve another unique signature on the tree of life. Racing, by nature, has layers of relationships. If it's not the two animals who combine so poetically to run the distance, it will be the trainer, the strapper or the owner/s. Sometimes it's all of the above. They just made a movie about Damien Oliver's win on Media Puzzle. There's a hundred more screenplays in the records, if you care to look. What defines this race is not it's grandeur, but it's egalitarianism. Make no mistake. A long tradition of plodders and one-trick ponies have saluted, far more often than champions. Some cup winners have never won another race. The Melbourne Cup has never been for champions. It's a staying handicap and it reflects the national feeling as much as it stimulates it: mugs and millionaires stand side by side in a herd of hopefuls on the first Tuesday in November. We have seen belligerent jockeys urging one-paced stayers around the track while other jockeys try to connive and manouvre the brilliant horses through the least line of resistance, hoping they can save enough petrol for the dash to the post. Phar Lap and Carbine succeeded. Makybe Diva did it three times. Kingston Town and Super Impose just failed. Dulcify died trying. On and on the stories go, 151 years of them. This year, however, was the defining result of a new era. Gai Waterhouse saw it before they even jumped. The VRC, in it's obsession with international recognition, has now officially sold the farm. Like the puzzled cocky watching foreign mining company touts drill his land for coal seam gas, Australian racing fans watch a host of foreign horses, riders, trainers and owners plundering a cultural icon. Like the farmer, we know the intruders have been invited by powers greater than ourselves. Like the farmer, we know the visitors probably mean well. If we shared a cup of tea we might even enjoy their company. That doesn't make it any easier to take. When 10 of the first 11 horses are not regulars on the Australian circuit; when 4 of the last 6 winners are visitors; when even local owners and trainers are buying purpose-built stayers from Europe to race locally, you know the Cup has irrevocably changed. It's been reported the Cup was the only race on Tuesday that showed a decrease in betting interest from last year. That tells you the punters, at least, are finding it increasingly difficult to work out the form or generate any enthusiasm for names that they are not familiar with. It's a little better now that some of the raiders are having a run or two out here before they contest the Cup. Dunaden did. Red Cadeaux did not. Gai Waterhouse says the answer is to boost the prizemoney and frequency of our local staying races and start breeding horses to run longer distances. De-value the lucky dip sprints for babies like the Golden Slipper and give us a contest for real horses for a at least a couple of minutes' entertinment. For the lairs who are into nothing more than celebrity, fashion and grog all this means nothing. But those mugs will come and go with the Kardashians. For those of us who value the race as a part of Australian culture, where layers of society are brought together in a shared appreciation of the horse and it's relationship to man, Australian racing needs tweaking to make the Melbourne Cup more relevant to us. Now we've spent all that time and money luring them here, we can't just tell the foreigners to nick off. We're stuck with them. We can, however, do what one of our greatest trainers suggests: gear up and compete. Give the locals a hero they can back to win.

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portsmouth fighters showed quality "The market did everything Louis Vuitton wanted them to do," Lee said. "They put up (warning) signs and evicted tenants. It's just that they didn't do it as quickly as Louis Vuitton wanted it done." The company should go after the vendors instead but "has not sued a single infringer or counterfeiter" because it knows that flea market vendors come and go or that they don't have deep pockets, he said.. Practice makes perfect. It's not important to meditate for a long time, or to be 100-percent mindful of every bite of every meal. But it is important to be consistent. What successful people do, however, is take responsibility for what they allow into their thoughts. They know that what they think about manifests itself in their reality. What they think they are, what they think they can achieve, what they believe is their destiny is reality. Since childhood, Azharuddin has believed in turning out neatly at a cricket match, be it a hit in the park or a Test. Notice how he always goes out to toss in a blazer. By his manner, he also promises to re-establish sporting standards in the game as well as sartorial ones. Don't enter a contest with a prize that you may either not want or can't win. What do I mean by that? For example, many fashion modeling contests offer modeling contracts with agencies or particular companies. If you have model agency representation, your agent may not allow you to sign such a contract, which would be an awful waste of time and effort if you won. Sometimes I supplement my morning workout with an additional five minutes before dinner. I have never deviated from this routine, even when I am traveling. ". Most of his collection was inspired by eighties and nineties style. It was him who introduced the grunge look again but with more polished version. All his designs are well crafted. As with all other men's suits, brown pinstripe suits are also sold as 'Off the Rack' variety, which is pre-tailored and ready for wear. 'Made to measure suits' are where the prospective wearer is physically measured and the suit is tailored strictly to those measurements. Although 'made to measure' suits may be expensive, they will guarantee for you a perfect a fit that is so essential for any quality men's suit.. The more professional and attractive your packaging, the more the perceived value of your products and services will be. This packaging not only includes the presentation of your products but includes the look and feel of your website, business cards, stationery, your physical office, and the way you dress and present yourself to others. If people see beauty, elegance, confidence, and professionalism, they will immediately feel as if the experience they are buying is one of rich value..

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Masood and seamer Sarmad Anwar did the early damage for HBL, before legspinner Danish Kaneria took two wickets at the end. Zeeshan Mushtaq's 39 was the highest score in Islamabad's innings and only three other batsmen reached double figures. HBL enforced the follow on and Islamabad's openers managed to erase another 59 runs off the lead, but still have a mountain to climb going in to the third day.. 2. Jessica London - Catering to sizes 14W to 32W Jessica London should become another go to spot for career women looking to update their wardrobe. Again Jessica London offers women a wide variety of options, including suits, skirts, blouses, jackets and even footwear. The predecessor to the modern suit and tie emerged in Britain the early 1800s, with Beau Brummel, an influential fashion arbiter and friend of the Prince Regent, the future George IV. At least it is in South Africa. Internet speeds are so slow that one business held a race between email and a pigeon. If you want all eyes on your wrist, consider the striking Limited Edition Mostro Swiss chronograph quartz bracelet watch. It comes with a black or blue dial. So far, our customers have been impressed at the quality of the brand. Our hope is that, 10 years from now, people associate East Africa with high-quality production. Right now, fashion customers don't think about getting high-quality pieces out of East Africa. Many sites are quite much the same to new oscillatory pamphlet point. These pamphlets -like sites often have archives of past point. A fashion researcher should check the archives for recent color forecast or trend information incessantly.. Hedonistic design just for fun-much of it meant only for the runways, the designers and their followers. Knowing many in the industry plus family members into fashion I've tried, I've really made the effort, and for the most part what is being presented is nothing new and most horrid. When will we ever get back to ~ IT'S ABOUT THE CUT STUPID-THE TAILORING- and I hate, HATE do you comprehend, seeing skeleton bones through garments. And to celebrate, every Escondido bigwig went to Saturday night red-carpet gala, including the city most famous son, Ricky Lizalde from TV Runway. think this gives a different perspective to Escondido, said Mayor Lori Holt Pfeiler. it special to the people who live here. Some new sections of wholesale fashion jewellery have been derived of traditional costume jewelry like antique jewellery, estate jewelery or victorian jewellery though all of them are made with imitation stones and non-precious base metals yet with exclusive looks and designs and of so cheap price ranges that could never be guessed easily. Another most popular section of fashion jewelry is beaded jewelry or tribal jewellery items. They are made up of non-precious natural stones, metals with an earthy looks of a gypsy or tribal ethnicity..

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Revival is a word one often comes across in the fashion industry, in the context of ancient crafts, techniques and weaves. an overrated term, laughs Gaurang Shah, the man who has been working with weavers for a decade. my brother and I were growing up, we didn know big words like We grew up seeing our mom wearing the best of handlooms Kanchi cottons, Bengal saris with kantha work, khadi and Uppada and were drawn to textures born from the loom. So my mission is to make it as easy as possible on her. I love her to death and think she's great. And obviously, she has an amazing gift with that voice and presence.". Personalized wristbands satisfy these criteria. They are circular in shape, which is true to geometric nature. They are light and easy to wear.. While it is gorgeous, I think my number one would have to be Daisy Eau So Fresh Sunshine it a lush, fruity cocktail of a fragrance. While the heart notes are jasmine, day lily and rose, it's the top notes of strawberry, apple blossom and pink grapefruit that give it a fresh and zesty kick. The juice itself is also a lolly pink, which adds to its flirty, feminine allure. If nothing else mentioned so far provides relief, sometimes epidural steroid injections (ESI -- usually in sets of three, several weeks to months apart) can often help a great deal. However, it seems there are a lot of other things that have not yet been tried. While Vicodin and other opioids may sometimes help with the superficial symptoms, they often do not because of direct nerve inflammation. If you interference vindicatory can not wreak yourself to purchase a twain of square Uggs, try one of the newer styles. The "Highkoo" and the "Kensington" rale don hunting ofttimes one Uggs at all despite their trait. The "Knightsbridge" gives you a slightly communicator streamlined examine than the tralatitious Uggs as auspicious.. This is very much a recession of the 99%. While those in the middle and lower classes have seen a huge percentage of their assets wiped out and are feeling the financial pinch on a monthly basis, the 1% at the top of the economic pyramid are enjoying better returns on their investments and larger paychecks than ever. The underlying danger of the recession, in fact, is the effect that it is having on the gap between the rich and everybody else.. The ladies used what looked to me like hundreds of bobbins, pins and either pillows or cushions with which to stick the pins. On hats, wedding dresses, gloves and veils. Lace has an ethereal quality that can take your breath away.. Come 21st century, the legacy of Baywatch lives on. Although it has already bitten the dust and bid the limelight goodbye, the waves that it made continue to hit every shore of this world. It's phenomenal success and influence even spread wider, leading to a domino effect of new generations of fashionable beach lifestyle.

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