Tutorial 2


Strategy Management System (SMS) can serve as a foundation for launching new business practices and setting the direction of a company.


The key to executing your strategy is to have people understand it- including the crucial but perplexing process by which intangible assets can be converted to tangible outcomes. Strategy Process Management System help this difficult terrain.

Why Strategy Process?

In industrial age, companies created value by transforming raw materials into finished products. The economy was prevailing based on tangible assets- inventory, land, factories, and equipment- an organization could describe and document its business strategy by using financial tools such as general ledgers, income statements, and balance sheets.

In the information age, business must increasingly create and deploy intangible assets – for instance customer relation, employee skills and knowledge, information technologies and a corporate culture that encourage innovation, problem solving and general organizational improvements.

Even though intangible assets have become major sources of competitive advantage, no tools existed to describe them and the value they can create. The main difficulty is that the value of intangible assets depends on their organizational context and a company’s strategy.

The value does not reside in any individual intangible asset. It arises from the entire set of assets and the strategy that links them together.


Following is a real-world example of how one company used the Strategy Management System (SMS) to create a framework for aligning technology implementation initiatives with overall business strategy.


Step 1
Click on the Business Navigation in the left frame. After expansion it will look like the figure shown below.

Step 2
Click any link to view its corresponding data in the right frame.

Step 3

There are Four buttons on the upper frame - Strategy Map, Strategy View, help and logout which can be used for sms printing, sms view, sms help and logging out of the system respectively.

About the Company

Company B has 60 years of experience in moving and conditioning liquids. Whether it is for circulating machine tool coolants, cleaning in production, maintenance and service industries, or getting filtered, conditioned ink to its final destination.

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