The AcumenSMS was developed to assist both for profit businesses, and not-for-profit organizations focus on actions that deliver both immediate results and improve an organizations long term competitive positioning in changing and dynamic marketplaces.

The AcumenSMS software helps leadership build tools and techniques to manage across five different perspectives: financial, internal business process, customers, learning & growth, and vision, governance and continuity. As we developed versions 1.0 and 2.0 of the AcumenSMS software we interviewed and worked with a variety of businesses and organizations across the US and Europe. The organizations we worked with provided excellent practical insights.

The following examples provide a sample of the issues organizations identified as important.

How do you reduce costs yet stay competitive? How do you balance family and business needs to ensure growth and continuity? Which product-market segments are most attractive in today's environment? How can you differentiate your offering in ways that create value for customers and for the company? What changes are needed in your organization and operations to successfully and profitably deliver a highly differentiated value proposition? How do you restructure your business portfolio and prune under-performing assets without sacrificing long-term growth potential? How do you build growth and learning for both family and non-family management?