Building a Balanced Approach to Business Development

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Actions Taken as a Result of Acumen Scorecard Approach

  • Redefined target markets on narrow revenue based niche measures including retail, wholesale, and international
  • Set clear measurable goals related to sales revenue and new customer acquisition-tied compensation to performance
  • Developed global niche orientation based on profitability

  • Developed specific measurable goals based on profit analysis-set specific profit targets by product line
  • Set detailed yet simple financial target objectives based on volume growth, ROI, and cash flow benchmarks
  • Used customer satisfaction data to develop revised employee compensation program tied to customer retention & extension

  • Implemented a market development and growth strategy that balanced retail, wholesale, and new product introductions
  • Conducted financial and operations analysis aimed at improving seasonal cash flow needs
  • Developed preferred customer program for top 20 clients encouraging product/service extension with key customers


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