Access to the Application is done only through registration. By registering each user gets personal access to the ASMS system. If you are a first time user and need to register chose "Sign Up" rather than existing user. There you will fill out the registration form and create your personalized Id and password.


The user logs into the application through login and password. The password preferably should be 8 characters long for security and reliability purposes. If you are a new user/first time user do not forget to fill in the new user form. Once the sign up is completed, then you are just a click away from entering into the Online Application.


The password is a set of charters the user chooses to log into the system. The password is encapsulated. Care should be taken to keep the password at least 8 characters long. Passwords starting with a hyphen (-), underscore (_), dot (.) and numbers (1, 2, 3.) are not allowed. A typical password starts with an alphabetical character. Please remember the password throughout the usage of the application.

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